Popup II

Woolwinder messages

A beautiful old woolwinder was placed in ‘the street’ and masters students and others in the Faculty wrote inspirational, funny, original heart felt messages and testimonies for International Women’s Day and attached them on the woolwinder. I intended to take the woolwinder to Parliament Hill Fields and release over London on IW Day itself.

Art session II

Workshop plan.

Photograph of the head and shoulders of someone next to you with their phone and vice versa. Scale up to life size of larger or use light source to make a shadow and draw silhouette.

We looked  at examples of collage and photo montage from the last 100 years including Schwitters, Picasso, Rauschenberg, Man Ray, Braque, Dennis Busch and others see slideshow.

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Using collage fill the void – the inside of the shape of you with paper, paint, photographs, tissue, wallpaper, wire etc. You can see a few outcomes in the gallery.

‘. . .that all these different things can come together and make sense – can mean something’

‘I was surprised by how many things I can find to represent my head!’

‘Colour is my guide . . . and sometimes the colour brings some images that work together.’


Popup I

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Mini creative opportunities. People passing the Pop up in the Faculty were invited to pick one of the photographs of the details of the interior of the Donald McIntyre building and place themselves in it in a playful or meaningful way. They were encouraged to reflect on what they were thinking from this new unfamiliar perspective and write these on the back.

Here are some responses:

‘Everyday I’m reminded that, in education, we are working with people. And people resist typecasting, by virtue of our dynamic nature. Glad to be prompted to see everyday objects in vastly different lights!’

‘Possible ideas . . . .  Single idea/concept that will illuminate the complexity of the subject . . . . in turn inspire others’

‘I felt like I was standing in front of a door, the hand is trying to grab hold of the handle but the door remains shut no matter how hard I try.  The place behind the door is the place I want to be.’

‘I am here amongst the bits the digital encoding of my face and outline, to be stored fleetingly in electronic memory before I am lost.’

 20150225_155411 20150225_155408 

drawing and words 1 drawing and words 2

15 minutes workshop at end of Carol Holliday teaching session:

Moving and memory – remember a moment or event of joyness – adopt the physical shape or posture from this moment. Holding the feeling, the physicality of it.  Then find a position of joyless. Do you remember the place you were, your posture, the tension. What was your shape then – recreate the pose.

What exists in the area between these polarities. So what shape are you now what shape are you in.

Students worked in pairs and drew around each other on the large paper (now full of notes from their work). Shapes of bits of themselves or the whole of themselves – sometimes an elbow or a leg folded or a body in a difficult pose – there were overlaps and interactions – a map of marks. I asked them to write within their shape 3 words that eclipsed their discussions and learning today or that come to mind. From these they had to make a narrative in a few minutes only – a dialogue, a short story, a poem .

I asked them to consider their silhouettes on the large sheet of paper. They could cut them out and take them away but this suddenly seemed difficult because there were relationships and overlaps – what would be left? The negative space has its own nature.

Mini creative activity in teaching session


click image for galleryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAListening to the noise of silence / Observing and drawing missed details in the room just on our periphery of vision / Walking / Representing with imagery experiences of entering the Faculty for the first time / Recalling / Using wallpaper, wire, paper, tape to make 3D representations of ourselves and placing them in experimental ways in postcards of the building detail / Touching the unfamiliar in a familiar place / Describing and reflecting on what we illustrated and found out about ourselves, work and relationships to place.

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