This site is for the creative thinkers and artists of all disciplines amongst the Masters students at the Faculty of Education University of Cambridge and features work and posts by them and for them. It can include, discussions, films, news, creative questions, articles we like, ideas and provocations from the Faculty community and the world! This blog has emerged through an artist in residence programme with Susanne Jasilek, to enhance the experience of the Master’s students at the Faculty of Education University of Cambridge. The residency has taken the form of PROJECTS with calls for submissions, POPUPS mini reflective opportunities in ‘the street’ – the main thoroughfare – ART SESSIONS in and as part of teaching sessions and independently in rooms in the Faculty. Creative minute taking – experimentations by the artist, conversations and discussions. Some of the outcomes of the above have taken the form of short film installations, and the building of a Happiness POD – a room within a room. There will be an ana blog  – a long 8 metre art piece hanging over 3 floors to be hung and presented to the Faculty of Education on the day of the Final Celebrations on 10 June 2015. Both blogs are a legacy for the Masters students and the wider Faculty community. Its a living enquiry and platform that has no end.  

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