Popup I

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Mini creative opportunities. People passing the Pop up in the Faculty were invited to pick one of the photographs of the details of the interior of the Donald McIntyre building and place themselves in it in a playful or meaningful way. They were encouraged to reflect on what they were thinking from this new unfamiliar perspective and write these on the back.

Here are some responses:

‘Everyday I’m reminded that, in education, we are working with people. And people resist typecasting, by virtue of our dynamic nature. Glad to be prompted to see everyday objects in vastly different lights!’

‘Possible ideas . . . .  Single idea/concept that will illuminate the complexity of the subject . . . . in turn inspire others’

‘I felt like I was standing in front of a door, the hand is trying to grab hold of the handle but the door remains shut no matter how hard I try.  The place behind the door is the place I want to be.’

‘I am here amongst the bits the digital encoding of my face and outline, to be stored fleetingly in electronic memory before I am lost.’