Art session II

Workshop plan.

Photograph of the head and shoulders of someone next to you with their phone and vice versa. Scale up to life size of larger or use light source to make a shadow and draw silhouette.

We looked  at examples of collage and photo montage from the last 100 years including Schwitters, Picasso, Rauschenberg, Man Ray, Braque, Dennis Busch and others see slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Using collage fill the void – the inside of the shape of you with paper, paint, photographs, tissue, wallpaper, wire etc. You can see a few outcomes in the gallery.

‘. . .that all these different things can come together and make sense – can mean something’

‘I was surprised by how many things I can find to represent my head!’

‘Colour is my guide . . . and sometimes the colour brings some images that work together.’


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