The pod

The idea for the pod came from a scene remembered from an old french black and white film that has lived in my mind. A narrative that evolves from a room within a room, created by the characters, as their own private space. I planned to appropriate a little of this film to screen or show as a thumbnail on the outside of the pod and the inside to act as a mini cinema for showing the Happiness film (compilation film from clips sent to me on this theme from the Masters students and larger Faculty community) and as a collapsible mobile space that can be used again.

Although the scene was so fresh and vivid in my mind I could not remember the title of this film. Many people I asked had a recollection of this scene but no-one could remember where it came from – Les Enfants Terrible, Le Grand Meaulnes, Les Enfant du Paradis, Les Amants des Pont Neuf were the popular possibilities but did not contain it.

The pod began as a maquette and was tried out in many forms. I wanted it to be made with simple inexpensive materials. Finally, in a garden, a structure evolved with bamboo sticks simple and sturdy. This was re-created in a room in the Faculty and was clad in packaging paper donated by DS Smith plc (end rolls), fitted bespoke and stapled together for easy assembly and dis-assembly.

On discussion with colleagues and friends we wonder if we have then imagined this scene. That the camp or den, the room within a room exists in our collective memories, from childhood, den-making, camp building – somewhere that is our space away from adults and others, a place for separateness,  but share-able with friends.

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