Art session III

W-i-maps, M-i-maps, W-e-maps, M-e-maps

Map-making – The group made colourful and innovative maps of their journey from the beginning of their research to the current place with paper and acrylic paint. Beautiful, detailed, navigable and powerful work was made full of meaning and insights.

Some comments:

‘A map to navigate the next few steps: showing connections, turning points, roundabouts and cul de sacs.’

‘a great way to re-imagine an everyday environment’

‘unstructured progress through work responded well with group’

‘I love the workshop! Such a fun way to think about my research’

‘A super workshop. Creative, thought provoking and fun. Excellent to be creative in art after writing about the benefits of the arts in my thesis. Thanks’

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Workshop plan and final maps in gallery

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