Art collaboration in teaching session

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Collaboration with Rupert Higham, Lecturer for Learning, and his Dialogic Elective students.

Workshop plan.

Part 1 – Learning journeys

Using imagery, colour and shapes.
Illustrate your journey to the current position with materials / Represent turning points, moments of realisation, spark points and critical incidents, tensions and opportunities / What might these findings look like. It can be a map, a series of symbols or lines or colours. This overview of how you got to where you are now / Include anything you heard this morning that may have inspired you or disturbed you in a good way / Allow the material/paint/oil pastel to take you places too.

Part 2

Current barriers and opportunities – working in pairs.

Concerns and barriers borders and frontiers. What are they what have you each encountered / What do they look like. How can you represent them / The geography of them, the shape of them / Are they the same as your partner’s? / Discuss with this partner the similarities and differences. Creative conversation. Feed back in pairs to larger group / How might they be overcome or processed or used to your advantage.

Part 3

Where can this go? Group work. On very large sheet of paper.

Make a collective group collage/drawing of what can be formed / What you can develop in your settings and what kind of creative community or network (with the Faculty and each other) you could make in the future /  What elements would it contain, what support could it offer, what shape will it be / What would this community look like?

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